Getting the Most from Membership — Webinar Recording

Jan 22, 2020

By Lisa Merriam
AMA New York Board of Directors

Get the most from membership in the AMA New York.

Most people already know your AMA New York membership opens up access to a vast number of national marketing and marketer benefits. What many don’t realize are the New York chapter only benefits, including the chance to connect with other marketers in your field, specialty, or peer group to share ideas, knowledge and experiences with others with common interests. This webinar recording was made for new collegiate members, but the content applies to anyone who wants to get the most benefit from membership, including networking with some of the best known marketing leaders in the city and the world, as well as how you can get involved. We featured two speakers–Alyssa Pfaus, the President of the Baruch chapter, and Carly Montecalvo, AMA New York collegiate ambassador–who shared their experiences with their respective collegiate chapters.

About the Author:

Lisa Merriam serves on the American Marketing Association board of directors and is chairman of the communications committee. She is a marketing, brand, and content consultant at Merriam Associates. She is the co-author with Milton Kotler of Weaponized Marketing: Defeating Islamic Jihadists with Marketing that Built the World’s Top Brands, Rowman Littlefield, Spring 2020.


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