AMA New York Largest Chapter in the Nation

Jan 17, 2020

By Peter Owen
AMA New York Board of Directors, Membership Chairman, Past President

The New York Chapter of the American Marketing Association has become the largest chapter in the United States. A strong focus on member value, collegiate relations, and volunteerism, recognized by the AMA Membership Excellence Award in 2019, boosted the  #1 chapter ranking. When I joined the board of directors of the AMA New York as the Membership Committee Chairperson back in 2014, we were the 5th biggest chapter in the country.

AMA Largest Chapters Ranked 

  1. New York             748 
  2. Chicago               727 
  3. Houston               603 
  4. Triangle               504
  5. Atlanta                 455 
  6. Washington DC   429 
  7. Dallas/Ft. Worth  372
  8. Boston                282 
  9. Tampa                 275 
  10. Philadelphia        251 

For the past six years, the AMA New York has taken several steps to improve the experience for our members. Our fast growing membership is proof that now is the best time to join the AMA New York.   

  • Members of the AMA New York attend designated networking events for FREE (limit three per year). 
  • Enroll in our nationally recognized Mentoring Program – a member-only benefit which connects less experienced members with more experienced marketing professionals for career advice, guidance and support. 
  • Join our volunteer community for our members and get recognized with the Volunteer Spotlight Program. 
  • Seasoned marketers collaborate with peers to problem-solve issues affecting their organization through ourExecutive Circleand Advisory Council programs. 
  • Marketers of all levels lend their talent and expertise to drive the future of marketing bygetting involvedin ways that map to their time, passions, and proficiency. We also tap our academic community to create and share content across marketing disciplines. 


I would like to thank the entire board of directors, especially Karen McFarlane for her work as membership chairperson in 2018, and our membership committee consisting of Mei Lin Ng Wnuk, Carly Montecalvo, Esther Elkouss, Anelle Cherkashina, and Doug Northcutt. 

 Join the AMA New York today! 


About the Author:

Peter Owen serves on the American Marketing Association board of , is chairman of the communications committee, and is past chapter president. Peter Owen is a sales and marketing leader with 13 years of experience in sales, sales enablement, consumer experience, and business development. He began his career at Ford Motor Company in 2007 and became a Sales Enablement Leader at IBM in 2018.


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