Meet our volunteer of the quarter: Esther Elkouss

00:00 I decided to become a volunteer at the AMA because it’s the largest marketing professional association and I thought it could be a great opportunity to network with marketers and
00:10 grow my professional network. Also it was a great opportunity to showcase my capabilities to senior marketers I worked both in the
00:18 I work both in the programming and membership committees. In the membership committee, I am the membership evangelist, which means that I
explain the benefits of becoming a member as well as encouraging people to become volunteers.
00:30 In the programming committee, I help from the inception of the event, from thinking of who could be a potential panelist, finding sponsors and hosts, as well as promoting the events.
00:43 Volunteering at the AMA has been a great experience; very enriching and creative. They give me a lot of autonomy, so I am able to implement new
initiatives volunteering.
00:54 Volunteering has had a great impact in my career. I’ve been able to find a new opportunity at a higher level.  I went from a managerial
to a director position thanks to the visibility that I gained by volunteering.
01:08 They announced that I was the volunteer of the quarter at the board meeting and it came totally by surprise.
01:17 It was unexpected and I felt very honored and grateful for this opportunity.

Our chapter thanks Esther Elkouss for her generous contributions to membership and programming and congratulates her for this recognition.

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