Contribute Marketing Expertise to NY AMA


We are looking for expertise and insights to share with our members. Opportunities for your to contribute expertise include guest blogging, sharing white papers and presentations, and hosting professional enrichment events.

Please contact us if you would like to host an event or webinar or if you have white papers and presentations you believe would be of interest to our membership contact us.

Our blog is a great way to contribute expertise. Here are some guidelines for what we seek:

Usefully Insightful Marketing Expertise

We’re looking for clear, new thinking with a practical application for marketing professionals.

  • What’s new?
  • How can I benefit from this insight?
  • Can I see examples and links for more information?
  • What should I do


Write what you know and give the reader reason to believe and trust you. As the go-to experts, our blog entries need to answer these questions:
• Is that a fact? How so? Provide proof and link to more information.
• Why am I to be trusted by you as a source?

Appealing and Efficient for Humans and SEO

Readers have become adept at quickly deciding what deserves attention. They reward efficiency of communication:

  1. Blog entries should be between 300 and 500 words in length and get to the point in the very first sentence.
  2. Have a catchy headline that clearly lets readers know what the article is about and why it matters—and use your focus keyword.
  3. Begin with a clear, bold opener that gets right to the point. Readers won’t wade through three paragraphs to discover your purpose.
  4. Make your article easy to scan: Readers no longer start and the beginning and read to the end. They scan then decide if the piece interesting, relevant or worthwhile.
  • Use subheadings to break big blocks of text
  • Include bulleted and numbered lists
  • Bold key points
  • Encapsulate take-aways and to-dos


Without an audience, the best writing in the world is of zero value. We seek articles that appeal to both readers and search engines. See our Writers’ Guidelines for our details.

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