The American Marketing Association New York consists of multiple committees focused on a few key areas below. They are the backbone of the organization and are entirely volunteer-run:


The Insights Committee provides strategic and tactical research learnings about current and prospective members to help inform and guide chapter activities. These insights are gleaned through a number of market research techniques, including online surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and social media mining.

Marketing Communications

The Communications Committee is responsible for creating a flow of information about the AMA New York to current and potential members and the media. Communications uses a mix of traditional PR techniques, social media platforms and collateral materials to support our events, news and initiatives.


The Membership Committee is responsible for expanding our marketing community and ensuring members take full advantage of chapter benefits.

Networking Events

The Networking Events Committee is responsible for developing and planning events focused on a career in marketing through themed workshops, panels and presentations. It provides professional development and networking opportunities for the New York Tri-State marketing community.

Executive Program, The Future of CMO

Exclusively designed for CMOs and heads of marketing, the Executive Program committee is focused on creating a series of roundtable discussions around strategic topics that shape the marketing industry today and the ever-changing role of a marketing leader.


The Partnerships committee manages AMA New York’s various corporate partner relationships, including long-term premium partners, content partners and event partners. It’s our role to ensure we deliver on our partner agreements, maximize our partner’s exposure to our AMA New York community, and bring all the great value the chapter has to offer.

Lean more about ways to get involved in this webinar which was made for new collegiate members, but the content applies to anyone who wants to get the most out of their membership.

We featured two speakers–Alyssa Pfaus, the President of the Baruch chapter, and Carly Montecalvo, AMA New York collegiate ambassador–who shared their experiences with their respective collegiate chapters.

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