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The Future of the CMO: Three-part Series

The Layered Cake Replacing Cookies

As third-party cookie data changes take effect in 2023, CMOs and their teams are preparing for a future of cookieless advertising NOW, focusing on what will become a new era of consent-based advertising.

We invite CMOs, Head of Marketing, and other Marketing Leaders
to Join 

AMA New York and AMA National
for the three-part series that deconstructs three key areas of: 

The Layered Cake Replacing Cookies

Be part of the expert-led, interactive discussion on these topics

April 27, 5:00 P.M. EST
First Party Data Strategy –  The New Backdrop of Measurement and Policies
 Led by Pepsico, Spark Foundry and MediaOcean

Session 1 Replay: https://youtu.be/zRLNQ_biyuc

May 10, 5:30 P.M. EST
The New Definition of Customer Identity, Consent Management and Your Brand Reputation

 • Led by Prohaska

Session 2 Replay: https://youtu.be/Pi2VgjKq2uo

May 25, 11:00 A.M. EST
Data Ethics and Consumer Expectations – Surprising Outcomes for Strong Stewards of Data
 • Led by Acoustic

Session 3 Replay: https://youtu.be/uc6qhH4J7XI 

Data Ethics and Consumer Expectations – Surprising Outcomes for Strong Stewards of Data

Meet the Session Acoustic Leaders: Kelly Owen Grover, Vice President of Growth;  Chris Lanaux, Chief Product Officer; John Story, General Counsel & Chief Data Ethics Officer.

First Party Data Strategy – The New Backdrop of Measurement and Policies

Meet the Session Leaders: Mark Risis, V. P. Data Strategy & Analytics, PepsiCo; Emily Proctor, V.P. of Data Architecture, Spark Foundry; John Nardone, President of MediaOcean

Marketing executives of high-growth companies are shifting to a first-party data strategy at a much higher rate than companies with lower growth. They are moving into a Cookieless future head-on and starting to manage and use their own data in more sophisticated ways. 

You can hear first-hand how they are delivering personalized content by means of creative optimization and using multidimensional data to identify customers’ needs and offer competitive customer value.

The New Definition of Customer Identity – Consent Management and Your Brand Reputation

Meet the Session Leader: Erin Yasger, Marketer and Agency Strategy, Prohaska

Let’s talk about the top layer of our cookieless future: Various types of contact and customer identity, the emerging technologies to round out your tech stack and how attribution and measurement may be affected.

You’ll walk away with a great checklist of items to bring back to your desk and review with your teams to ensure you’re asking all the right questions of your vendors and agencies.

Erin Yasger

Erin’s history in digital media runs deep. After launching some of the first digital music downloads with EMI Music, Erin went on to build the first new Media department inside Universal Records building hundreds of websites a year and winning 2 Webbys and a Communication Arts Award.. More about Erin

Register now and get access to attend all sessions in the Layered Cake Replacing Cookies series. All sessions will be virtual. If you are not able to attend future sessions, we will provide a link to view the recorded session. 

Who should attend?  

CMOs, Heads of Marketing and organization marketing leaders.

Cookieless Marketing will help reveal True Customer Identity

  Redefining customer identity to deliver the highest value
  Reaching more qualified customers with the right identifiers
  Blending AI and Machine Learning to help optimize and measure conversion

CMO Video Series

  • Jim Walsh, SVP Growth Marketing Cisco
  • Geoff Colon, Head of Brand Studio Microsoft
  • Nancy Pearson, CMO Eka Software
  • Joanna Seddon, CEO Presciant Brand Strategy
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