The Future of the CMO: Beyond Changing Roles

AMA New York Invites you to Shape the Future of Marketing

Executive leaders in marketing have a unique role in their organizations. If you are a part of this group you are pushing forward harder than ever to improve your customer’s experience, drive revenue, and be even more creative. The dynamic of marketing is ever changing and leaders that learn and adapt to evolving market trends will be the most successful.

Part of change includes delivering content in creative formats that educate and engage audiences. As virtual experiences replace face-to-face events in 2020, The Future of the CMO has evolved to a new, exclusive digital content series that provides insights on the chief marketer role. This episodic series will include 1:1 conversations with key marketing leaders from large and mid-sized corporations…
And you could be one of them! 

Be Part of the Future

The Future of the CMO will provide you with an opportunity for meaningful exploration of strategies, sharing of success stories and discussion of new trends. The goal is for the AMA New York to facilitate thought sharing and learning sessions focused on addressing important topics that shape the future as we lead and strengthen the marketing profession, with you as the conversation leaders!

Present and discuss the changing role of the CMO in large and mid-sized corporations:

  • Share perspective on the change in customer behaviors. How will they buy and consume products, forcing business – not just marketing to think and operate differently in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Dive into the new demands of the CMO and why needs are changing for brands in face of changing customer journeys.
  • Understand how financials and market performance are now part of CMO performance measurement.
  • Discuss growth objectives for CMO and how it is being measured.
  • Provide insight on marketing technology and how it supports new objectives of the CMO. Inspect the 360 of data to inform decisions. 
  • Explore how marketing teams will need to change. What skills are needed? What is the best approach to building teams that thrive? Discuss the importance of adaptive teams – i.e. What about curiosity, self-perceptions, passion for the company’s products/industry, more?
  • Conduct a fun discussion of the changing titles.
  • Provide take-away of recommendations, advice and opinions that can be applied by senior marketers in their organizations.

Our CMO Series Events are where top executives discuss the major trends and insights impacting marketers and buyers.


AMA New York is committed to developing executive programming that magnifies the critical roles marketers play in driving businesses forward. Topics and conversations pair ideas and insights from fellow leaders and subject matter experts with real-life challenges facing the world today. Your participation as an active leader and influencer can help shape narratives and empower employees to build a better brand that employees, customers, partners, board members, and shareholders can be proud of. Join us to help shape the future of marketing. [Learn More]


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