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The Future of Marketing: Adapting to the New Realities of Marketing in the US and China (AMA New York Research Project)


AMA New York is excited to announce we will soon launch a sponsored research project called “The Future of Marketing: Adapting to the New Realities of Marketing in the US and China.”

The study will identify trends in the thinking of American and Chinese marketers AND consumers about marketing in the next three to ten years — and highlight gaps between them — providing invaluable foresight for firms formulating their approaches to these essential markets.

We are seeking sponsors to support this research project. Sponsors will reap substantial benefits from this project. These will include helping to shape its focus, thought leadership credit regarding the leading markets every global firm is focused on, widespread brand exposure, exclusive insights from private briefings by the research team and unique, valuable datasets at a fraction of their normal cost.

The AMA New York Research Committee includes a well-known Columbia academic (Don Sexton), a leading ad executive (Joanna Seddon), the GreenBook’s Lukas Popischal, the head of an international research firm, Charney Research (Craig Charney) and representatives of the sponsors themselves to round it out.

The complex marketing dynamics within and between the US and China – the world’s two largest markets — are predicted to be the most significant driver of global economic growth for the next 5-10 years. How will consumers react and how can global brands make informed decisions to stay ahead? Our marketing research will answer many questions.

To request additional sponsorship information, please contact Craig Charney at [email protected] or Lee Hornick at [email protected].


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