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About Greenbook

GreenBook is a leading voice in the market research and consumer insights space. We inspire, inform, and connect insights professionals across the globe through our online directory, webinars, articles, reports, and the IIeX global event series.


GreenBook’s mission is to:

  • Provide useful information and practical resources to market researchers
  • Connect research buyers and users with research agencies, suppliers, and facilities
  • Move the insights industry and profession forward by promoting innovation


GreenBook was founded in 1962 as a membership directory of the American Marketing Association’s New York chapter. As most members at the time were involved with marketing research, the membership directory quickly transformed into the GreenBook Directory of marketing research companies and facilities. Fast forward over 50 years, GreenBook is now a hub of online resources that provides insights professionals around the world with the tools and information they need to succeed.

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