CMO EXCLUSIVE: Brands and Racial Inequality


July 28, 2020 | 12:30 – 2:00 p.m.


Conversations and opinions about brands and racial inequality abound. The topics range from the iconic depictions of products to the diversity of marketing teams. All marketing leaders want to get it right as they respond and close this crater in our communities.

Marketing executives are reconsidering everything including brand identification, promotional channels, community impact, team structure, and campaign design. Topics will include:

  • Brand purpose is of great value to society. How can brand leaders maximize their purpose as it relates to racial inequality?
  • What are the most important priorities? What are our responsibilities as a leader in our organizations? How can we as marketers meaningfully contribute to righting inequality?

Join AMA New York’s roundtable discussion on July 28 with New York City-based CMOs and Heads of Marketing on this subject that will change the way we think about our approach to brands.

About the Virtual Roundtable

  • Who should attend: CMOs, CXOs, CROs, and heads of marketing are invited to join this group of up to 15 participants.
  • Get specific answers to your questions: The roundtable discussion will provide a forum to ask questions and compare approaches with other participants
  • Hear how brands have successfully navigated racial inequality: Inclusion and brand experts that have lived and built solutions for brands will lead the discussion

Join this lively virtual sit-down with other CMOs and heads of marketing. This event is limited to 15 participants.

Meet the Experts

Karen McFarlane
Founder and CMO of Kaye Media President of American Marketing Association New York
Karen works closely with the C-Suite to devise revenue-generating marketing programs that elevate brand image, improve marketing productivity and build strategic partnerships.

Patrick Hanlon
Founder and CEO of primalbranding.co
The Charles Darwin of branding. Primal Branding unveils the construct of brands as belief systems that attract others who share your beliefs.

Daouda Leonard
A virtual management and multiverse development company managing Grimes, BloodPop and the WarNymph.

Karen R. Young
Principal, Consultant & Coach of Karen R. Young Consulting
Leader in orchestrating enterprise inclusion capability as an innovative and strategic lever for business
and professional results. Biotech, apparel and home fashion retail, health care systems and non-profits have transformed their inclusion performance with Karen R. Young Consulting’s approach.

Christine Villanueva, Ph.D.
Chief Strategy and Brand Officer of Walton Isaacson
The visionary behind the recent Lexus-Black Panther integration and activation strategy, an initiative that pushed luxury automotive boundaries and led to award-winning results for Lexus.

Kerel Cooper
Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at LiveIntent
LiveIntent is the people-based marketing platform that reaches over 290 million logged-in people each month. Kerel serves on the Board of Marketing EDGE and is the Co-Founder and Co-Host of Minority Report Podcast, which highlights people of color and diverse backgrounds in media, business and technology.


Lori M. Johnson
Founder & CEO of Appara Digital Marketing
Unraveling the formula for “Digital Marketing that’s Not Complicated”® Appara has collaborated with marketing executives, and led marketing teams, that have built brands in new markets, increased revenue and gained loyal brand advocates.

“You not only have to understand the problem but also why you are having the problem. Deconstructing and reimagining the marketing process from end-to-end can provide the insight we need to make critical changes.” Karen McFarlane, President, American Marketing Association New York
AMA New York is committed to developing executive programming that magnifies the critical roles marketers play in driving businesses forward. Topics and conversations pair ideas and insights from fellow leaders and subject matter experts with real-life challenges facing the world today. Your participation as an active leader and influencer can help shape narratives and empower employees to build a better brand that employees, customers, partners, board members, and shareholders can be proud of. Join us to help shape the future of marketing. [Learn More]

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