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Developing Racially and Ethnically Diverse Marketing Leaders

AMA New York is inviting all CMOs and marketers with 8 or more years of experience in the industry to join our limited seat, private roundtable discussion. This conversation will explore:

• What are the roadblocks and why do rising marketers leave or not succeed within their organizations?
• What about pay, bonuses, acknowledgment of creativity, and exposure?
• Do internal mentorships help diverse marketers reach their career goals?
• What about the composition of agencies in the industry? How diverse are agency owners and agency teams, especially senior team members?

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Are you a CMO faced with the challenge of shaping a diverse leadership team? Are you a marketing manager or above that has experienced or observed barriers to career growth in marketing? While marketing is certainly not the only profession with expansive gaps in diverse leadership, our industry’s performance is astounding.


Our industry shows up with 6.9% black and 7.9% hispanic or latino people on their teams.


Are you a rising marketing manager or director?

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This event is private and will be held virtually.

Be Part of Our CMO Series of Events where top executives discuss the major trends and insights impacting marketers and buyers.  Just let us know you want to lead a session (or two) and we will connect with you.

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