Executive Circle for Senior Marketing Executives


• The Executive Circle is a trusted network within the AMA designed expressly for executive marketers. The Executive Circle provides a peer forum to share ideas, resources, and friendship and to help members thrive and grow as professionals. Our members especially love the camaraderie that results from the spirit of generosity within our community.
Executive Circle members receive all the advantages of AMA membership with the following additional exclusive benefits:
· On-demand access to a national brain trust of highly experienced experts in every marketing discipline to tap into for advice, resources, introductions, and more.
· Exclusive in-person programming on topics and events to help marketing leaders stay at the forefront of their fields, held in a salon-like forum to promote deeper engagement and discussion.
· Opportunity for confidential and frank discussions with peers across that country that expand our members’ professional connections and often lead to personal friendships.


· Free D&B Hoover Solutions database access to nearly 1 million companies for mail campaigns, research, and more.
· Requests listserv for fast answers from experienced executives. Ask a question and get responses from across the country from our trusted and seasoned membership.
· Exclusive content archive of articles, webinars and other resources produced by and for senior executives on topics ranging from salary negotiations to building a culture of innovation.
· Job leads and business development opportunities. Although we have a tradition of no solicitation within the Executive Circle, we have no qualms about sharing openings and needs with each other and also maintain relationships with recruiters interested in our select community.


• AMA Professional Members are welcome to apply to join the Executive Circle here:
• AMA Member
• Responsibility for the full communications and marketing operation of your organization
• Currently hold one of the following roles (or equivalent): Chief Communications/Marketing Officer, EVP/SVP/VP, Managing Director or Partner. If you’re currently unemployed, you must have held one of these positions and are currently seeking an equivalent or greater title
• 15+ years of experience in marketing or communications
• 10+ years of experience managing budgets and profit & loss statements
• 10+ years of successfully managing and developing teams
• Acknowledgment of the importance of confidentiality and discretion regarding Executive Marketer conversations
• Willingness to contribute to and engage with the AMA Executive Circle community


AMA Executive Circle members are entrepreneurs, seasoned consultants, and executives from big brands. It’s the diversity of our members, their shared experience as seasoned marketing executives, and their willingness to help each other that make AMA Executive Circle special.
• Most are current or former VPs, SVPs, CMOs, COOs and Presidents.
• 84% have Fortune 500 experience.
• 70% have graduate or post-graduate degrees.
• Over 50% received degrees from one of the top 20 Business Schools.
AMA New York runs a regular program of online and in-person events to give you opportunities to meet other colleagues, exchange local and industry news, swap ideas and resources, and develop rewarding personal relationships.


AMA Executive Circle is a national community of marketing leaders. Members find it gratifying to learn, share advice, and grow as professionals within our supportive, trusted peer network.

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